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The Ballarina, Mango Sticky Rice, Till Death Do Us Part, We Have Each Other, Wonderful World, Ariel, Encore BOL 1:30PM

Dating Apocalypse,Mango Sticky Rice, Till Death Do Us Part,We Have Each Other,Wonderful World,Ariel, Encore

The Ballerina, Her Shoemaker, and His Apprentice

Set in the 1930s, a lost young man George stumbles upon the refined world of ballet pointe shoe making and redeems his value as the apprentice under the shadow of Mr. Traynor, a talented but stuffy pointe shoemaker. George's imagination turns into a reality when he becomes smitten with the Ballerinas the shoes are built for, one named Sylvia particularly, but soon learns this magical and distant world is not beyond the reach of affliction.

Mango Sticky Rice(15)

MANGO STICKY RICE is a musical romance that focuses on Katie, a young woman who loves food, and Chris, a restaurant delivery man who has fallen for Katie, but doesn’t have the courage to tell her. For Katie, who is fiercely protective of her individuality, the concept of changing just to satisfy others is out of the question. After Katie’s family and friends pressure her to try online dating, she chooses the Thai restaurant that Chris works in as the setting for her dates. In the comfort of her favorite eatery, Katie reluctantly goes through the motions of an internet-induced courtship, while Chris longingly watches from the sidelines.

Till Death Do Us Part (3)

Till Death Do Us Part is a short film about love.

We Have Each Other (19)

A young couple try to survive a crisis, but the real danger may be far more personal than either of them realize.

Wonderful World(8)

A science fiction drama about an Apocalypse's lone survivor who tries to escape his surroundings through his imagination. 


A surreal film about a young man named Steven who has a nice quiet dinner with his beautiful wife Ariel. As he fantasizes about the good times he's had with Ariel, he begins to suspect that his wife isn't what she seems to be.


Lifelong friends November and Rosie, a popular YouTube duo, are hosting a live stream tour of November's new apartment, an event that forces them to confront their impending separation and uncertain future in real time and online in front of their 500,000 YouTube fans.