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TRIPLE DIVIDE [REDACTED])SON,Padlock,Postcards Bridge of Life 1:30

1:30 Triple Divide [REDACTED]

Documentary• 60 min

A ‘bombshell’ documentary about the impact of fracking with exclusive interviews from oil and gas industry leaders, independent experts and impacted residents. TRIPLE DIVIDE [REDACTED] covers five years (2011 - 2016) of cradle-to-grave investigations by investigative news nonprofit Public Herald that featured how regulators and industry kept water contamination “off the books.”

SONShort• Drama• Horror • Mystery •14 min•

Sébastien, who cannot come to terms with his son being in a coma, begins to question his reality. 

Movie• Drama • Romance •13 min

A postcard so I never forget you.
One summer they broke our hearts, like it happens to everyone once in their life. That was when, without knowing, we arrived at what would be our next story. There it was, a summer love we wish could turn into an endless love. With postcards we could, we could change the end of this story.
That game between what we always wanted to happen and what actually happened made us build a story in two parts: the before and after, the moment you find yourself in love, and the consequences that moment brings upon you.
To bring together the present and the past and our characters we needed a medium: postcards. At the end of the day, postcards are just like summer loves that survive autumn, there are less of them everyday.

Padlock: UK
Short• Drama•17 min•

Matt stares at the padlocked cabinet in his bathroom. Its contents a mystery. Its power overwhelming. Its fear palpable. The only person that holds the key to the padlock is Matt's partner, Julie. On one night, the key is turned in the lock and the truth about their relationship is unleashed.